Staging The Home


This is all about curb appeal, no clutter, showcasing the best elements of the property inside and out.  In some cases we recommend  a professional “staging” company to come give advice and even provide furniture if necessary.  Here are some key ideas to getting your home ready to sell:

  • Check around the entire outside of you home with an eye to curb appeal. People decide in the first 15 seconds if the home will work for them. Paint all peeling trim and siding as necessary.  Trim bushes/trees, edge gardens, lawn and walkways if appropriate.
  • Make sure your entryway or front door is clean and welcoming.
  • Windows cleaned, house clean and smells clean.
  • Remove personal items and photos and de-clutter the home. Less is best and gives the sense of more space. Consider removing furniture, clearing countertops.
  • Make sure your bathrooms and kitchen are pristine.
  • Complete any obvious repairs to plumbing, electric that are easily seen by buyers.
  • Remove all household pets for showings.
  • Organize your basement so buyers can easily walk around.
  • Organize your garage or keep the doors closed.
  • Consider repainting old walls or ceilings to freshen the home.
  • Make sure your lighting is appropriate for each room and switches work.

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