Sellers Read This Now PLEASE

A Sellers Market? Sellers Please Come On Market!

Okay I run the risk of overstating the current market a bit. Why you ask? Well not all homes or real estate on market in Plymouth & Cape Cod are selling in weeks. But guess what? If your home is priced correctly, in a reasonable neighborhood and reasonably maintained – it will sell quickly. This is especially true if your price is between $200,000 to $350,000. And in some towns to $400,000.

If I sound like I’m begging, I am. I need inventory for my buyer clients and I’ve taken to calling some homeowners unsolicited to ask if they would consider selling their home. Talk to any Realtor and they will give you a litany of reasons. Here’s what you can expect:

    1. Interest Rates, are trending up but still favorable to buyers now. Rates on 30-year mortgages have risen close to a full point since January 2014. They are now around 4.3% – 4.6%. All key forecasters such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and trade organizations expect rates to continue their rise if somewhat uneven through the year.

    2. Inventory Is Low Demand Is High, Buyers are everywhere right now. Sales levels of real estate have increased and continued to increase month over month but inventory is not keeping up. The National Association of Realtors data have sales remaining above year-ago levels for 25 months. Buyers are serious about purchasing. Locally, Cape Cod inventory is just 2.25% above last years rate. Plymouth sales are 8% below in the same period.

    3. Competition Coming For Sellers, We live and work in a dynamic market. Homebuilders are starting more new construction projects and with rising prices more sellers are returning to equity positions in their homes. Your timing is important. If you’re thinking of selling, look closely at your timing. The sooner you sell the better price you may get. You don’t want to be a Seller in a full-blown seller’s market.

    4. Quality Of Life, is delaying a decision or a few more dollars for your property worth not getting on with your life and enjoying a new home with your family or a retirement home you’ve been dreaming about? Life is about freedom, control and satisfaction. What does it mean to you?

Let me repeat, WE NEED YOUR HOME ON MARKET! Should you want to talk about your home’s value and how to get started, I’m happy to help you. No obligation, no pressure. Call John at
River Farm Properties, LLC 617.671.5711.

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