Use A Buyers’ Agent

Use A Buyers’Agent – Why?


    Targeted Property Searches

With many online tools and apps available, often buyers think searching for their own properties is simple and something they can do for themselves. But all search engines are not created equal or friendly or even accurate and timely. Buyers often use outdated market listings and don’t have access to detail information shown only to REALTORS® as part of their paid online subscriptions to data sources for homes and properties. Buyers’ agents are trained to search the most up-to-date listings.

Also, they have extensive networks. Their network can provide them with available properties that have not been listed on the market yet. When a buyer works with a good buyer agent, they simply have access to more property listings.

An effective buyer agent can also ensure that a buyer has access to listings matching the amenities they require such as schools, shopping and neighborhoods that fit their lifestyle. They listen to you and translate your requirements into action.


One of the jobs that buyer agents can perform for property hunters is to educate them about the current state of the housing market. They continuously monitor the market and all its fluctuations. Their extensive knowledge can help a buyer make a smart investment. Agents can also educate new homebuyers about the home-buying process and its extensive applications, paperwork, property assessments, and so forth.


Many buyers rely on their buyer agents for their negotiating skills and to simply be their buffer to other agents and sellers. And believe me sometimes that can turn out to be a blessing! Agents spend a considerable portion of their time negotiating for better asking prices and additional terms that may come up in the buying process. These can include repairs a seller should be responsible for.

For those not familiar with negotiating or real estate issues, working with an experienced buyers agent can remove much of the angst. And don’t forget all the forms that need to accompany offers and approvals; a buyer can rely on support from their buyers’ agent for this.

    The Art Of The Deal

Buyers’ agents work for the buyer in a number of other important ways. They monitor and provide a timeline accessing important elements like home inspections, septic system regulations, mortgage commitments, etc. They know many highly qualified inspectors and professionals that buyers would be hard-pressed to find on their own. They ensure that each step of the transaction is going smoothly and contact the buyer when an issue arises. Their knowledge and skill set results in efficient transactions, which could ultimately save a buyer both time and money.

    The Buyers Advisor

All the above services are typically provided at no cost to buyers (there are Buyer Agent contracts but I never use them), we are paid from the proceeds of the sale. Buyer agents can be effective sounding boards working to help buyers find appropriate properties that match their requirements. You can have an industry advisor who works for you helping you make sound decisions. The buyer agent advocates and even represents the buyer during different points of the real estate transaction.

    You owe it to yourself to speak with a buyer agent as part of your decision to purchase a property. Look for expertise, knowledge, listening abilities, and a bit of humor. Many a transaction can use some humor. We inspire success and help you enjoy the process.


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