Aug 14 2014 by in Blog

Permits – A Necessary Step In Due-Diligence

In the past few weeks I have had issues come up both with a listing and a potential buy side transaction regarding valid permits for construction work. While not a new problem, I am always surprised at how few of […]

Aug 06 2014 by in Blog

Is The Housing Market Better Than We Think?

By Guest Author: Derek Templeton Conventional wisdom seems to suggest that recent housing data points to reasons for analysts to worry about the direction of the economy. A new report makes the case that the picture is much brighter then […]

Jun 20 2014 by in Blog

DOUG the Quahog, Prognosticator of Cape Cod

Yes you’re reading the headline correctly. You remember the likes of Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog who harkens the arrival of spring. We now have Doug the Quahog , the mollusk who predicts the number of sunny days Cape Cod […]

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There is no shortage of talk these days in Plymouth & Cape Cod regarding homes for sale, real estate and inventory. I have conversations often with prospective sellers and buyers and encourage calls just to chat and/or discuss plans using […]

Jan 21 2013 by in Blog

the “Real Realtor” Does Size Matter In Real Estate Today?

I sometimes think I live and operate in a rather small microcosm even though we cover Plymouth and Cape Cod where we have homes to sell and real estate to buy for our clients. Just today I heard from another […]

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the “Real Realtor” – Assessed Value, Market Value & Tax Rates

Get FREE valuable information reports for Buyers & Sellers. If you have questions or comments about this post, please use our QUICK CONTACT box. Plymouth and Cape Cod real estate is doing okay by most standards. But It’s time to […]

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the “Real Realtor” Plymouth MA, Cape Cod Real Estate – Got Social Media, So What?

Get FREE valuable information reports for Buyers/Sellers. If you have questions about this post, please use our QUICK CONTACT box. Most people I know continually develop friendships/acquaintances, like to be current on topics of the day, are well read, and […]