Jan 18 2015 by in Blog

FHA Reducing Mortgage Insurance For Buyers

Homebuyers in Plymouth & Cape Cod and across the country will soon benefit from reduced mortgage costs. The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) recently announced they will reduce their MIP (Mortgage Insurance Payment) which is currently 1.35% of a loan to […]

Jan 08 2015 by in Blog

PLYMOUTH – Offers Homeowner Rehab Loans

Great news for Plymouth homeowners meeting low and moderate income guidelines. You may now qualify for housing rehabilitation loans from the Town of Plymouth for 2% on a 15yr. loan. The only caveat is that the entire loan will need […]

Dec 09 2014 by in Blog

A Year Of Repeat Clients, I’m Thankful

I’m taking a brief departure from selling homes in Plymouth and Cape Cod to genuinely thank clients who have made this year both memorable and fruitful. I suspect if you read this you will recognize yourselves and this is a […]

Dec 03 2014 by in Blog

5 Real Estate Mistakes Retirees Make

By Guest Author: Amy Hoak, 2014 on Most people heading into retirement inevitably make some sort of real estate decision—whether they downsize, relocate to a different community or make renovations to an existing home that makes the place more […]

Nov 13 2014 by in Blog

Believe Housing Prices You Read Online?

Most of my clients in Plymouth and Cape Cod involved in home sales will tell you I always speak to them about home valuations, assessments and tax rates. More for education and to clarify how they all work together, or […]

Oct 29 2014 by in Blog

Home Price Index – October 2014 Good News

S&P/Case-Shiller reported recently on October 28, 2014 that home prices for 10 and 20 cities they track had fallen off slightly from the prior month. Roughly prices had advanced nationwide some 5.6% but less than the prior month of 6.7%. […]

Oct 20 2014 by in Blog

The Phone Call But Much More

… I put the phone down and set there for a moment. I had just been part of one of the most intense conversations. It just came out of the blue, totally unexpected and without any preparation on my part. […]

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Redbrook is an A.D.Makepeace Community in South Plymouth. A new village of 1,200 single family homes and carriage style townhomes on 2,000 acres planned with little disturbance to the land and environment. Classic Cottage style homes with varied floor plans, […]

Sep 15 2014 by in Blog

Some Development Is Just Not Right

Home sales and property development in and around Cederville, MA (Plymouth) has been relatively straightforward with residents generally being supportive of new development and land use. This because the use makes sense given the location of the land and environmental […]

Sep 01 2014 by in Blog

Flood Insurance, A Seller / Buyer Dilemma?

With homes for sale in Plymouth County & Cape Cod boasting hundreds of ponds and oceanfront, I have a vested interest in how flood insurance will be handled moving forward. And yes, I have seen a change in transactions for […]