GOLF Around Venice, FL


Often when I think about homes and property for sale in and around Plymouth, MA, I think of amenities available for clients. Notwithstanding the ocean, the bay, beaches, ponds, a state park and “America’s Oldest Town,” if you appreciate the game of golf you need not venture far from downtown Plymouth. In fact, within a 10 minute ride without going over the Sagamore or Bourne Bridges to Cape Cod, are four (4) golf clubs that can hold their own anywhere. At least one (Pinehills) is consistently rated among the Top public courses in MA and the national media:

    The Pinehills Golf Club ( )
    Waverly Oaks Golf Club ( )
    CrossWinds Golf Club ( )
    Atlantic Country Club ( )

Here is a brief overview of each of these courses. You can check out the links above for more information directly from course websites and even make tee times.

The first 3 are all located off Exit 3 on RT 3 in Plymouth. Atlantic CC is off Exit 2, the last exit before the Sagamore Bridge.

    THE PINEHILLS has two courses, the Jack Nicklaus Course and the Rees Jones Course. The overwhelming fact here is that both courses are always kept in spectacular condition. Fairways and greens alike are as close to perfect as you can get in a northern climate and I find them better than any course I have played in MA including some private courses. I favor the Nicklaus (Black: 74.3/135, Blue: 71.7/131) as it presents a wonderful challenge to your wedge game. The greens are smaller and placed to demand you float approach shots into numerous greens with accuracy. This course requires finesse and is beautifully laid out. The Jones is challenging in that it requires a bit more distance to your shots and good course management to score well. You must play these at some point. Well worth the time and price. If you play after 2pm during the week it’s $65 otherwise $100-$110.

    CROSSWINDS is the best-kept secret on the South Shore. This course has 27 holes and will challenge every aspect of your game. I describe this as a golfers course best for those with handicaps under 12 maybe 10 and who have good distance and control. But you need distance. The layout uses magnificent elevations, panoramic views and large complex greens. There are three potential playing configurations for 18 holes resulting in course ratings from 73.7 to 74.8 and slope ratings from 136 to 140. Bring your energy and A-game. Fees are inexpensive, $48 during the week anytime. Price /value is so good here that this is my default course.

    WAVERLY OAKS is literally right next to CrossWinds. The topography is identical and the elevations provide great views of rolling pine trees and hills. It is a few years older than CrossWinds. This course is so similar to its neighbor that I don’t play it nearly as much even though the design is different enough. It too is challenging (Black: 74.0/129, Gold: 72.3/124). The 8th hole par 3 is one of the best holes around. Its name says it all “Carry.” If you don’t reach the green off the tee you may end up in a bunker that is some 15 feet below the green and almost impossible to get out of. Wide fairways and large greens are characteristic of this course. Mid-week fees are $75 until 2pm, after at $60.

    ATLANTIC CC is close to the Sagamore Bridge tucked away in the woods of Cedarville. It can best be described as an easy course to underrate. But it has a wide variety of holes to test every aspect of your game and it is spread out with a unique layout. (Gold: 73/131, Blue: 70.8/127) I play here a great deal. It is a course to play when you want to “work” on your game. The 18th is a beautiful and enjoyable finishing hole. At times the greens can be a bit uneven and do not run true. The rest of the course more than makes up for this. Mid-week fees are $69, from 12:30 to 2:30pm $50 and $79 other times.

When not assisting clients buying and selling homes in Plymouth and on Cape Cod, I may be found on one of these courses. Given the great choices presented, I see no need to join a private club. And if you need a playing partner feel free to call me, I just might be available!


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