Selling a home

As a REALTOR®, I’ve often considered Sellers shortchanged on the service and support side. Most REALTORS® would scratch their heads at this thinking. They see Sellers getting the most time and effort from their REALTOR®. Certainly the time and effort to perform a quality comparative market analysis, determine the selling price of a property, and the time needed to market, stage and hold open houses is considerable. But I propose what weighs us down is not the usual work. It’s interpreting and managing client expectations, maintaining emotional stability through the sale and simply being the REALTOR®, shrink, friend and advisor. Lots of roles and at times keeping all the balls in the air is not easy.

Recently I had a valuable discussion with a client that opened my mind to a possible new model for REALTORS® to consider. It started with my client complaining of how much effort it took him to actually make the decision to sell his property. It takes a village – financial planners, builders/carpenters, landscapers, lawyers and a REALTOR®.

He said all of these people need to be consulted as part of a home sale strategy to maximize profit and make the sale move as seamlessly as possible. “Just the time needed to coordinate and talk to these people and gather the information necessary to see the big picture leaves me tired.” His biggest issue was finding people to trust and not feel as though he was being “sold.” We discussed his challenge and qualified his information needs:

      – What is the market value of my home today as-is?
      – What repairs do I need to complete to put my home on market?
      – What will these repairs cost, how long will it take?
      – Overall, will repair costs be covered by the profit from selling my house? ROI
      – What are all the costs associated with selling my house?
      – Can I increase the value of my home with a renovation or addition?
      – Will I get my investment back, how long?
      – What is key to getting top dollar for my property – does it work with my timing?
      – What options will generate the best NET return in the best timeframe?

    He suggested that such a company structured with the appropriate people as well as REALTORS® operating as a unique entity could help Sellers make key decisions more quickly and provide one stop shopping. The focus of such a company would be service oriented rather than sales oriented. The Seller could rely on knowledge, experience, professionalism and a level of trust would be established early on as he would see they had “his” best interests in mind.

    Bringing such value to the table would actually be invaluable to the Seller.

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