I’m taking a brief departure from selling homes in Plymouth and Cape Cod to genuinely thank clients who have made this year both memorable and fruitful. I suspect if you read this you will recognize yourselves and this is a good thing.

Plymouth Christmas on Pond There were numerous clients coming back as repeat clients this year. I had sold them their first homes several years back and lives were changing, families starting, expanding or…. They know how much I appreciate their trust and value the relationships and being part of their lives.

One couple had their first child and finding a suitable home was a challenge. But we did find a great home that will work for years to come. Another couple simply outgrew their home in Scituate and with three children they particularly wanted an older home with land. We sold their farmhouse and found them an antique on 3 acres running down to Bound Brook and out to Cohasset Cove and the ocean. Much renovation work to do but it will be worth the effort over time.

Some 5 years ago I sold an historic antique in Plympton to this couple about to be married. Fast forward to a new son and a mother wishing to spend her later years living with her daughter and grandchild. Keeping it all in the family, we sold their antique to one of the grandchildren of the former owner who had tried to buy the house when I previously sold it but missed out. How wonderful for my sellers to pass the house on, returning it to his family. And we found a perfect home in the woods complete with designer rocks and woodcarvings from Thailand. It’s much better than it might sound.

      Christmas Tree 2014

    Speaking of aging parents I had a time dealing with a short sale that my client was buying to share with her mother who was disabled and needed a home and ongoing supervision. The short sale was difficult with the sellers having a tough time losing their home. I was thankful for my client’s patience and our attorney who did a stellar job of keeping the transaction together. I also sold this client’s niece and fiancé their first home just prior to their wedding. Interesting dynamic with new beginnings juxtaposed to the needs of aging family members.

An out of state referral brought me a Connecticut couple looking for a summer beach house that will become their retirement home down the road. We located a fine property with beach rights and a walk to the ocean. And not much work was required. Just move in!

A recent surprise was a client finding me via our website and very interested in the home at the end of my street. A terrific home located on a private kettle pond and she looking to update the home to have a playground for her large extended family to enjoy. I now have a new neighbor.

Selling homes in Plymouth and on Cape Cod is its own reward. And I am thankful for the clients who worked with me this year. They made it a great year and provided yet more experiences and memories to catalog.

    I wish all of them and to those who read this post – a very Happy Holiday Season! And my best to you as we enter yet a New Year!


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