… I put the phone down and set there for a moment. I had just been part of one of the most intense conversations. It just came out of the blue, totally unexpected and without any preparation on my part. And yet I felt privileged. I felt a sense of humanity where nothing mattered other than two people communicating and sharing more than cultural standards would dictate – notwithstanding this was a phone call.

The woman had been on my website and decided to call me directly to discuss my helping her find a new home. Of course I said, and proceeded to ask the questions we so often do to qualify a new client to see if we can work with them and if they are prepared to purchase a property. I sensed a hesitation in her voice and trying to make her comfortable, I said I was just looking to get a sense of her requirements and there were no wrong answers. And that is when it began.

    She apologized telling me this call was very difficult for her to make and that she was struggling with emotions that have been part of her life for the past few years. I asked that she tell me about her situation and sat back to just listen, letting her talk. The following is a summary of details that reminded me that some people have lives that most of us could not imagine.

    She lost her son in the Middle East some 5 years prior, an only child totally loved by her and her husband. She said he was a special child and was extremely close to her husband. About a year after this her husband died of a massive heart attack completely unexpected.

    The shock did not really hit her as her financial situation suddenly became critical with little in savings and no job she struggled to survive and keep up with their modest home’s mortgage and maintenance. There was a small insurance policy that left her with some funds and the house.

    A homemaker, she had trouble finding work that would cover her expenses and get her back to a normal life. Being of a certain age this presented challenges. A series of fast food and retail jobs barely provided enough income. Along with bouts of depression her work was sporadic. She fell behind in her mortgage and lost her home to foreclosure.

    Her low point finally came when the Sheriff had come to her door to escort her from her family home. There was nothing left, she had lost everything that mattered, her life as she knew it. She spent some time with friends then ended up in a shelter.

    Fortunately, a social worker and a therapist volunteering at the shelter helped her start the rebuilding process. She went back to school and the end result was a job that had promise of becoming a career. This was over two years ago and she was fully employed and had some savings. She was scared and nervous but thought that buying a home was just as cheap as renting.

She asked if I could help. “Of course” I said. And how could I not?  I became emerged in her life, attitude and a spirit full of energy.  Now for the challenges ahead that somehow seem insignificant.  I’m one of several who will have helped turn her life around.


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